Making America Responsible, Safe & Secure Again.

Our Mission

We provide the Grid-Down countermeasure that will unite all patriots so they can survive, communicate, and defend, together. We fill the gap between no civilian defense, no hardening, and no grid-down survival. We carve the path to community readiness, we organize our forces, and we join with our state governments in defending life and liberty in the modern-day.

Our Purpose

Where EMP, Pandemics, Nature, and War, can destroy our Infrastructures

  • We provide the bridge that can unite our local communities as a workforce to rebuild and defend.

  • We provide the standardized plan so that all patriots can survive and organize together.

  • We protect our private technology, transportation, and communications.

  • We protect our backup supply chains, homes, communities, and states.

  • We prepare. We organize. We unite.

Safe State Project Pledge

As a member of the Safe State Project, I/we acknowledge that our undefended risk to a sudden loss of our infrastructures has forced the American people to enact a responsible defense within our communities and states. As a member, I/we pledge to defend our families, to defend our communities, and to petition our local and state governments in the furtherance of statewide countermeasure implementation. 



Help fund America's future!

The Safe State Project seeks to provide as much assistance to our fellow patriots and their families as possible. This is a monumental task. To achieve this goal, we need like – minded members to assist us in growing the safe State defense within our communities, state, and nation. Together, we can succeed. We need YOU!

What do I get with my yearly membership for just $19.99?

  1. Access to Exclusive Member-Only Content

  2. Safe States Novel Digital Download

  3. Standardized Safe State Countermeasure Manual

  4. Quarterly Newsletter

  5. Safe States Bumper Sticker

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Don Trumbull joins an all-star cast of conservative voices who have powerful messages for the American people. The final arguments before election day. The last words before midnight. Critical risks, and why our last door to salvation needs “We the People” to stand tall. Don’t miss this event. Beginning October 15th—watch it every night for 20 Days and see the horizon for what it is. Refine your perceptions and empower your instincts. This is the Trump window, and to see what our future holds, watch Don’s 30-minute presentation on Friday, October 23rd at 8PM.

Get the Safe States Novel

The worst is here.

  • Will America defend?

  • What if 23 states said yes?

  • What if the others said no?

  • How does it end?

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Countermeasure Manual

The Safe State Countermeasure Manual gives us the power to unite, survive responsibly and win.

  • 5 Chapters

  • Plus appendix 

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