Modern-day War is Catastrophic
EMP. Cyber. Biological.

China/Russia/N. Korea/Iran

Our Federal Government has failed to defend we the people. 

Sudden loss of our supply chains...

Sudden loss of our communications...

Sudden loss of our ability to survive, organize, and defend...

We the People Must Survive!


The 2 Basics:

Prearranged emergency food and water at home.

Freedom's last defense: Loss of supply chain

Prearranged "grid-down" civilian communication system.
Freedom's last defense: Loss of communication/organization

In coordination with our state governors, state officials, and state citizens...

We the People must survive!


Freedom's Last Line of Defense

A Grass-Roots State Assured Freedom Enforcement Project


Critical Interviews:
Safe States with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry (censored 2021)
Political War. World War. Catastrophic Lies
and Sabotage. Trump advisor says,
“…Safe States may be our last hope in defending life and liberty from all.”
12/2020 Episode 07: Safe States with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry — Part 1

Emergency Crossroads.


As an advisor to President Trump on catastrophic war threats to the Homeland, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry reveals the biggest secret ever kept from the minds of the American people. China, N. Korea, Russia, and Iran can now instantly defeat America with a surprise EMP attack and avoid Mutually Assured Destruction. To secure its eternal rule, the SWAMP has suppressed and avoided the only defense in an effort to provide cover for radical progressive agendas. In stunning clarity, and within weeks of an apparent fraudulent election, Dr. Pry reveals the modern-day kryptonite that crushes tyranny, undermines the SWAMP, and defends life and liberty from all aggressors. Foreign and domestic.

12/2020 Episode 08: Safe States with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry — Part 2

Brace. Brace. Brace. Conservative States—Defend Now.

In Part 2: Dr. Pry explains the treachery in detail, and he exposes the only remaining solution that can free us from the deadly trap—set by the globalist establishment. Whether Trump ultimately wins the 2020 election, or whether he is forced out by a tyrannical coup, the war is on, and kryptonite must be used. If the conservative states defend, freedom can be secured and the other states may follow. Brace. Brace. Brace. From MAD to SANE. From tyranny to State Assured Freedom Enforcement.

Critical Articles/Reports:
Dr. Peter Vincent Pry/EMP Task Force/Center for Security Policy
North Korea: "EMP THREAT"

How to Start, and Lose, a Nuclear War

Real Clear Defense "Open Letter to Anti-Nuclear Activists"

"Blackout Warfare Cyber-Attacking Electric Power Grids: A New Strategic Weapon" by Dr. Edward M. Roche

"CHINA: EMP Armageddon by 2032?"

The HILL: Hiroshimas and Nagasakis in our Future?

Israel National News-Beyond Hiroshima: Blackout Warfare

NewsMax "How to Make an American Hiroshima"

Blackout Warfare: EMP Task Force Report August 6th, 2021

Israel National News-"The Next 9/11: Nuclear Terrorism?"

Center for Security Policy "How to start an accidental nuclear war"

EMP Task Force Report-"Blackout Warfare: Weaponizing Weather to Attack the U.S Electric Power Grid"

Center for Security Policy "Losing America's Future to the New Nuclear Superpowers"

Center for Security Policy "The Taiwan Nuclear Powder Keg: A New Cuban Missile Crisis?"

Center for Security Policy "China's new superweapon exploits US blind spot"

Center for Security Policy " Degeneration of the American Strategic mind"

NewsMax: Blacking out Civilization with Robotic Terrorism"

Center for Security Policy Report-We are far beyond a "Sputnik moment"

Center for Security Policy "China will probably have 4,000 nuclear warheads by 2030"

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