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Unite the American patriots and our state governments to defend life and liberty from within. State Assured Freedom Enforcement. SAFE. 

Our Purpose: The Safe States Project seeks to implement an emergency statewide Populace Protection and Survival Program that supplements our federal government's failure to defend we the people. Today, China, N. Korea, and Russia can now destroy America's supply chain and technology instantly by detonating a high-altitude Super EMP. From within, tyranny will destroy our life and liberty -- and tyranny is rushing in. State Assured Freedom Enforcement will empower the American people to unite, to be ready, and to defend all fronts.  

Problem #1. EMP: Our federal government, along with our utility companies, have failed to harden our U.S  critical infrastructures from EMP. Equally egregious, our U.S government has failed to reasonably inform the general public that our enemies have "nation-killing" Super EMP weapons. They've failed to inform us that a surprise Super EMP attack will win the war, avoid Mutually Assured Destruction, confuse the battlefield, disguise the offender, and not leave a scratch on the ground. They've failed to disclose the imminent horrors of no defense. If attacked, 300 million people will be instantly trapped on foot. No food. No water. No communications. Once attacked, without an EMP defense we can't survive. Without an EMP defense, 90% of us will suffer and die.

Problem #2. The Suppression of EMP: No reasonable attempt at informing the general public has been made. No public recommendations or announcements of how we can quickly defend our homes, our families, and our freedom from EMP through rudimentary measures at the state and local level. No mention of why our enemies will exploit this new war winning advantage if we remain undefended. No media attention on why this new war winning strategy is being suppressed for the benefit of socialist agendas, including climate change and gun control. The end result is that America is fatally undefended from its two greatest threats. Tyranny from within. A surprise EMP attack from China/N. Korea/or other. Either way, freedom is removed by the aggressor. 

SOLUTION: Rapid, reasonable defense. If an unstoppable, unified, and globalized motivation to kill freedom is now underway, then we have no choice. We must defend now. We the people and our states must build a grass-roots infrastructure that can defend us from the impending modern-day threats our enemies want us to ignore. Rudimentary shielding of critical electronics at the community level. Rudimentary civil defense. Low-tech/high-tech/unbreakable communications and organizational infrastructures. A Populace Protection and Survival Program. State Assured Freedom Enforcement. SAFE STATES. If you're an American patriot, please join the fight. Help us if you can. 

Political War. World War. Catastrophic Lies
and Sabotage. Trump advisor says,
“…Safe States our last hope in defending
life and liberty from all.”
Episode 07: Safe States with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry — Part 1

Part 1: Emergency Crossroads.


As an advisor to President Trump on catastrophic war threats to the Homeland, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry reveals the biggest secret ever kept from the American people. China, N. Korea, Iran, and Russia can now instantly defeat America with a surprise EMP attack and avoid Mutually Assured Destruction. To secure its eternal rule, the SWAMP has suppressed and avoided the only defense in an effort to provide cover for progressive agendas. In stunning clarity, and in the midst of an apparent fraudulent election, Dr. Pry reveals the modern-day kryptonite that crushes tyranny, undermines the SWAMP, and defends life and liberty from all aggressors. Foreign and domestic.

Episode 08: Safe States with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry — Part 2

Part 2: Brace. Brace. Brace. Conservative States—Defend Now.

In Part 2: Dr. Pry explains the treachery in detail, and he exposes the only remaining solution that can free us from the deadly trap—set by the establishment. Whether Trump ultimately wins the 2020 election, or whether he is forced out by a tyrannical coup, the war is on, and kryptonite must be used. If the conservative states defend, freedom is secured, and the other states may follow. Brace. Brace. Brace. From MAD to SANE. From tyranny to State Assured Freedom Enforcement.

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