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Due to the elevated grid-down danger associated with imminent modern-day war, the SAFESTATE Defense Corp has initiated its efforts to advance the enhanced readiness requirements prescribed by the EMP Task Force and Department of Homeland Security.

Survivable EMP defense is not just for the military anymore.


Super EMP/HEMP defense requires, at the minimum, CISA Level 4 enclosures (welded steel plates, 80dB attenuation or greater) for anything considered as "critical" storage.


Critical electronics is in the eye of the beholder.


If you want your vulnerable electronics to survive a modern-day EMP weapon with elevated E1 pulse, a military grade heavy duty storage enclosure (1/4" steel w/120+ dB attenuation) is the only way.     



Portable, enhanced, CISA Level 4 (120+ dB) EMP/HEMP defense storage is our core business.

  • 1/4" Steel Enclosures (certified seam welds, NDT, RF Tight)

  • Continuous Perimeter Compression Hatch POE (patent pending)

  • Rugged with force dampening design for dynamic instability

  • Portable. Static. Rack Mounted. Strap Carry

  • MIL-SPEC-188-125 (enhanced 120+ dB)

To advance the urgent requirements of national, state, and civilian EMP defense, the SAFESTATE Defense Corp is launching its new line of portable, heavy-duty EMP/HEMP Defense Enclosures.






Freedom deserves the best! 


Political War. World War. Trump advisor says,
“…Safe States may be our last hope in defending life and liberty from all.”
12/2020 Episode 07: Safe States with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry — Part 1

Emergency Crossroads.


As an advisor to President Trump on catastrophic war threats to the Homeland, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry reveals the biggest secret ever kept from the minds of the American people. China, N. Korea, Russia, and Iran can now instantly defeat America with a surprise EMP attack and avoid Mutually Assured Destruction. In stunning clarity, Dr. Pry reveals the modern-day kryptonite that crushes tyranny and defends life and liberty from all aggressors. Foreign and domestic.

12/2020 Episode 08: Safe States with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry — Part 2

Brace. Brace. Brace. Safe States—Defend Now.

In Part 2: Dr. Pry explains the treachery in detail, and he exposes the only remaining solution that can free us from the deadly trap—set by those who prefer political power over a strong nation. With modern-day war on the horizon, and with mutually assured destruction compromised by our enemies who believe they can win a nuclear war with first-strike EMP, kryptonite must be used. If the states defend freedom, then our freedom can be secured. Brace. Brace. Brace. From MAD to State Assured Freedom Enforcement (SAFE). From MAD to Strategic Assured National Existence (SANE). Time is running out.

Critical Articles/Reports:
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