What We Are About

Our Vision:

Unite the Conservative States. Defend from Within. Survive Responsibly. 

Survive together. Make America strong. It only takes one high altitude EMP detonation to destroy our national grids, supply chains, transportation, and communications. 90% of the populace will perish within one-year. Many experts believe N. Korea already has an EMP device in one of their two satellites. The hardening of our critical infrastructures has failed, but the Safe States countermeasure gives us the power to unite, survive responsibly, and win.

Our Mission

We provide the Grid-Down countermeasure that will unite all patriots so they can survive, communicate, and defend, together. We fill the gap between no civilian defense, no hardening, and no grid-down survival. We carve the path to community readiness, we organize our forces, and we join with our state governments in defending life and liberty in the modern-day.

Our Purpose

Where EMP, Pandemics, Nature, and War, can destroy our Infrastructures

  • We provide the bridge that can unite our local communities as a workforce to rebuild and defend.

  • We provide the standardized plan so that all patriots can survive and organize together.

  • We protect our private technology, transportation, and communications.

  • We protect our backup supply chains, homes, communities, and states.

  • We prepare. We organize. We unite.

Safe State Project Pledge

As a member of the Safe States Project, I/we acknowledge that our undefended risk to a sudden loss of our infrastructures has forced the American people to enact a responsible defense within our communities and states. As a member, I/we pledge to defend our families, to defend our communities, and to petition our local and state governments in the furtherance of statewide countermeasure implementation. 

Support State Assured Freedom Enforcement. Learn the countermeasure. Live life, pursue happiness, be ready. 


Be Ready

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Survive Responsibly 

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Community Power

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