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What We Are About

Our Purpose...

Empower the free states to be Safe and Ready. Organize the American people so they can defend Life and Liberty under extreme duress, disaster, and war. Defend responsibly. State Assured Freedom Enforcement. SAFE.

  • The Safe States Project seeks to implement a "grass-roots" statewide Populace Protection Program that supplements our federal government's failure to defend "We the People" from catastrophic threats.

Our Goal...
Ensure the American patriots retain the ability to organize, survive, and defend freedom in response to the modern-day war threats which serve to exploit the strategies of mass-starvation, mass-isolation, no communication, tyrannical overthrow, tyrannical censorship, and tyrannical excommunication.


  • Our state governors must exercise their most important duty. Empower the American citizens to survive the loss of our supply chains, to organize under all conditions, and to defend all threats seeking to destroy freedom in America. State Assured Freedom Enforcement is now required.

THE PLAN: 2022

Where EMP, Bioweapons, Nature, Tyranny, and War, can now destroy our modern-day freedom, our supply chains, our transportation infrastructures, and our ability to communicate and organize...

  • We seek to build the bridge that can organize our local communities into an effective emergency survival and defense force.

  • We seek to unite local leaders in each participating county to serve as front-line coordinators in the development and implementation of a standardized readiness plan specific to meet the county needs.

  • We seek to establish local emergency food and water and establish grid-down backup communications.

  • We seek to fortify our vote, defend our state elections, and fight for a government of "we the people".

  • We seek to employ a responsible civilian defense in the face of catastrophic threats

Safe States is Coming

In 2022 the Safe States team goes to Florida.


Where many state governors have entertained the idea of defending their local populace in lieu of the federal government's ongoing failure, Florida may be the first state to break the mold. In 2022, the Safe States team will attempt to promote and forge a patriotic union that bestows Florida and all of its participating patriots with an emergency survival and defense plan. A prearranged civilian plan. An unstoppable patriotic plan that defends our life and liberty from the catastrophic threats we face today. China. Russia. N. Korea. Iran. EMP. Biowarfare. Tyranny. Foreign and domestic.

If Florida is the first, other states will follow.


But the patriots must lead the way.

We believe Florida will be the first Safe State.

We believe Florida can defend life and liberty from the bottom-up and the top-down.

We believe Florida can lead us all.

Who We Are

Safe States Team

The Safe States team is an informal group of American patriots from various disciplines and industries who seek to ignite a grass roots civilian survival/defense program at the state level. With hope for a future national defense at the federal level, one that hardens our nation's critical infrastructures and supply chains against the most likely and destructive weapons of modern-day war, the Safe States team has put its primary focus on statewide countermeasures to be used as a supplement to the federal government’s failure to act.


Founded by Don Trumbull in 2015, the safe states team seeks to promote a rudimentary civilian countermeasure that defends life and liberty at the most basic level.  

Support State Assured Freedom Enforcement. Join the movement. Participate. Be a leader in your community 


Be Ready

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Survive Responsibly 

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Community Power

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