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The safe state project seeks to provide as much assistance to our fellow patriots and their families as possible. This is a monumental task. To achieve this goal, we need like – minded members to assist us in growing the safe State defense within our communities, state, and nation. Together, we can succeed. We need YOU!

Join the club. Learn the countermeasure. Implement the 3-step plan. Live life, pursue happiness, be ready. 


Be  Ready


Survive Responsibly 


Community Power

With your Free Subscription; you can view the Standardized Countermeasure Manual and you can gain substantial knowledge to protect your families, but to succeed, we need a team, and we need to work together. As a Safe State Member, you're among the many that seek to unite our forces, serve an honorable mission, save our families, and achieve critical mass. If we all walk together, we can do what needs to be done.


If we go step by step, we can solve the many challenges ahead. We need YOU, and we need EACH OTHER. Help promote the Safe State Project to your neighbors, friends, churches, and social groups. Please consider sharing the Safe State Project on your favorite social media site. The bigger the team, the more power we can harness to get the job done. As a Safe State Member, you're among the many who want to support this project. Some will implement the countermeasure immediately and develop a Safe Zone for their family. Others will join the team, support the cause, and walk the path of community defense together. By uniting, we free the American Giant to defend us all. Duty, honor, and faith is why we're here, but together, we create a new industry that builds hope.


Capitalism is the key to our survival. We've built the infrastructure, paved the roads, and planted the seeds. If you have more to give, or if you want to start your own business helping others develop SAFE Zones in your area, follow your instincts and put your skills to work. Explore the opportunities. Find your purpose. Start today. 



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