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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

A Near Miss?

With Covid-19 we can see our vulnerability much clearer. Given our current position, and with little time to react, America’s front-end is being managed well against this pandemic. The current administration is taking broad steps to prevent a worst-case scenario from happening. Where community spread could create a system-wide overload, national-separation using social distancing is an aggressive countermeasure that can work.

Currently, all signs point to a recovery, and provided covid-19 can be mitigated with short-term shelter-and-avoid tactics followed by immunity and vaccination, this pandemic should pass. Hopefully, a near miss occurs. No worst-case scenario. America needs to be lucky this time, but our vulnerability is clear.

If a more aggressive virus (bioweapon or natural) were to emerge, long-term separation would be required. Supply chains would be degraded. Food shortages would occur. Mass panic would incite food runs on the local reserves, debilitating our communities’ ability to survive a long-term, worst-case scenario, national lockdown.

Step-2 of the Standardized Safe States Countermeasure would defend states and individuals from this foreseeable condition. Therefore, given our current state of vulnerability, compliance with Step-2 (SSCM), Food Reserves, should be considered as a First Priority. Long-term food stores from reputable emergency food producers are a recommended solution. Stockpiling food from local sources/grocery stores will deplete the shelves for others, and is therefore not recommended.

The Safe States Project is working hard to get state governments on board. Next time, America must be ready. On-site community food/water/supplies allows America to withstand the worst-case scenario of an aggressive virus/bioweapon. Community reserves defends the back-end. Community reserves should be state sponsored. While our federal and state governments defend the front-lines, the private sector and our state governments defend the back-end. If overload occurs, America recovers.

China, N. Korea, Iran:

Communist governments, radical regimes, and desperate nations may be compelled to take drastic actions as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. China is now making unprecedented threats on America. Pharmaceutical blockades, and an official statement recommending a nuclear EMP attack on U.S warships -- has been observed within their state media.

Soon, China will be expelled from America’s current dependence on pharmaceuticals and many other mission-critical supplies. Tensions are escalating quickly. N. Korea and Iran are wildcards. A convoluted battlefield is emerging.

Community backup defense is required quickly. Federal government/state government response is essential. This is the primary mission of the Safe States Project.

We need strong patriots to help. Please donate if you can.


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