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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

A National Conference for Trump.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE! Don Trumbull joins an all-star cast of conservative voices who have powerful messages for the American people. The final arguments before election day. The last words before midnight. Critical risks, and why our last door to salvation needs “We the People” to stand tall. Don’t miss this event. Beginning October 15th—watch it every night for 20 Days and see the horizon for what it is. Refine your perceptions and empower your instincts.

This is the Trump window, and to see what our future holds, watch Don’s 30-minute presentation on Friday, October 23rd at 8PM.

Organized by Special Guests/Gerald McGlothlin


Modern-Day War, Socialism, and Marxism: Catastrophic Threats. Hidden Defense. And the Trump Connection.


  • Don Trumbull: Former Air Carrier CEO, Founder Safe States Project, Author/Host: War on America/Defense X

  • October 23rd at 8:00 PM


Don Trumbull reveals the deeper connection between Trump, modern-day war, socialism, and Marxism. He provides an in-depth look at why the American people are critically unprepared for the new war strategies that target our ability to survive and organize – and why the Far Left has exercised maximum pressure to keep the only responsible defense hidden from the public.

Offering an unfiltered view into the approaching horizon, Don discusses the concept of Defense X. Why it’s been suppressed, how it can defend our Achilles Heel, and why our liberty and freedom now require it to survive modern-day. He explains why an EMP attack is now the preferred war strategy of our enemies, how it can instantly destroy our grids and supply chains if we remain undefended, and more importantly, why defending our states from the worst-case scenario provides an off-label benefit we cannot ignore. Does Defense X sufficiently defend against EMP? Biowarfare? Would it stop socialism and Marxism in its tracks? Does it ensure freedom has the appropriate edge, and does it protect liberty from falling to a modern-day/high-tech civil war?

Given four more years, can Trump overcome the swamp and release our salvation? Can he rearrange the battlefield, and can he save America by empowering its states with a catastrophic civil defense? Yes, it may divide us further, but what is the right thing to do?

Do we cower to the lies and deceit that have become mainstream beliefs, compromised our strength, and sabotaged America so we all go down? Do we wait it out and hope we all become unified—or do we stand tall, defend our states, and hold out our hands while the liberal states flail in their attempt for eternal rule? With Trump, responsible defense and tough love can save America. Without Trump, everything is fine. China is our friend, EMP is a lie, and we have no Achilles Heel. The federal government has everything under control. Climate change over liberty, and by the way, we’re taking your guns.

These are the big questions, and in 2021, Trump has the wildcard that most of us don’t know. He can reveal our salvation, he can strengthen our freedom, and with pride, unity, and justice for all, we can defend our states from the trap we’re in now. But this is the war on America. Time is short.

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