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The Safe States Podcast: War on America: Defense X

12 Terrifying Stories We’re Not Supposed to Know. Hosted by Don Trumbull.


Beginning in Mid-October 2020, the 12 unknown stories we’ve never been told are revealed. For many reasons, our experts have been told to keep their mouths shut — or suffer the consequences. But the world is changing.

“No time for fear,” says Don Trumbull. And he’s not the only one.

With the premier of War on America: Defense X, viewers can watch the first set of episodes, and they can assess what our experts and our politicians are in a battle to discuss openly. In episode 01, the premise is set. In episode 02, our reality begins to emerge under its full weight. The stories we’ve never been told have clues, and those clues can move mountains.

As the host, Don Trumbull ignites a special method for breaking through the brick walls constructed by the forces who inhabit the SWAMP.

“With the premise in episode 001, the blindfolds we didn’t know about suddenly fall off. And that’s when we get into the fictional scenarios.” Don believes the key to understanding our battle against nefarious forces requires an experience at the personal level. “We need to feel the hot stove.”

“We can hear about terrible things all day, but unless we see ourselves suffering it doesn’t resonate. And with new war strategies like EMP and Biowarfare, if we suddenly see our death and our only salvation, our instincts see the solution. If we experience our own story … If we touch the hot stove—we break the spell.”

Starting in October, 12 scenarios will reveal what’s been hidden. Terrifying stories about a new defense that divides America between liberty and tyranny. A Defense X that can save the conservative states from modern-day war strategies that seek to disable our grids, our supply chains, and our ability to organize, unite, and defend. A special defense that not only defends the American people responsibly, but by its very nature, destroys all roads to socialism and Marxism.

Defense X empowers our Second Amendment with a higher purpose, and in effect, it changes the battlefield, gives freedom the edge, and unravels the Far Left. But is it right or wrong? Does our freedom require it?

For the first time, this podcast presents the bigger questions that can no longer be avoided.

“It’s for us … We the people to decide,” says Don Trumbull. “War on America gives us the platform to see what our greatest enemies don’t want us to see. Is it any surprise that our only defense has been hidden under a rock? But now comes the patriots. Give me liberty or give me death. It means one thing. We will take that rock. We will decide.” LISTEN TO THE EPISODES HERE: EPISODE 01


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