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SAFE STATES ALERT: Modern Day War. EMP. Pandemics. Loss of Supply Chains. Safe State Defense.

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Help Our States Become Safe Now. Hosted by Don Trumbull.

  • Many of our experts believe N. Korea already has an EMP weapon onboard one of its two satellites.

  • North Korea, China, and Iran can win the war with one high-altitude EMP (HEMP). China can avoid culpability.

  • Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) may not deter our radicalized enemies. China can avoid culpability.

  • Our federal government and military have defended their continuity from HEMP

  • The American people remain catastrophically undefended.

  • The National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) has routinely failed to competently address the civilian populace who will be trapped on foot and stripped of all private technology. No food. No transportation. No communication. No way to organize and unite. No workforce to re-harness the grids -- even if hardened. A hardened grid requires an immense workforce to replace shielded components and re-harness.

  • If attacked with EMP while undefended, 90% of the American people will suffer and perish.

  • A deadly pandemic or bioweapon can force long-term separation. If we remain undefended, economy crashes and our supply chains fail. No community backup. Mass panic. Mass death. Reckless and unsafe.

JOIN THE SAFE STATES CHALLENGE and help our states become SAFE NOW.

REVIEW the SAFE STATES Countermeasure Manual. Defend your family and community.

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